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2          Adver ti ser s

                           6    Bavarian Bierhaus                                              Sol id
                           24  Bavarian Bierhaus
                                                                                                  GO d
                           36  E J  Sain Jewelers
                           30  Colorkraft
                                                                  Solid  Gold   is  t he  official   publicat ion   of   PCA
                           29  GPO Tuning                         Musik-  St adt   Region.   The  digit al   magazine  is
                                                                  published  mont hly   as  a  benefit    t o  members.
                           41  PCA National
                                                                  Chart ered  regions  of  PCA   may  reproduce  it ems
                           37  Porsche of  Nashville              from t his issue  if aut hor,  phot ographer, and Solid
                                                                  Gold  are credit ed.
                           13  Prestige  Auto  Detailing
                                                                                       Edit or
                           22  Zgismond  Insurance
                                                                                  Cherie  A. Beatty

                          Advert ising rat es
                                                                             Cont ribut ing Writ ers
                       1/8 page $120 per year
                                                                                    Chandler Clay
                       1/4 page $240  per year
                                                                                      Bob Cryan
                       1/2 page $600 per year
                                                                                    John D. Harbor
        Full page ad quotes upon request. Members' ads for
                                                                                    Harald Melson
        all   things  Porsche  run  free  for  three  consecutive
                                                                                     Mike Moody
        months.  Commercial   ads  are  pro-rated.  Pay  for
        what  you use.  Contact  the Musik-Stadt Editor  for                       Sharon Stewart
        more information about advertising in Solid Gold.                                 &
                                                                       PORSCHE AG & aggregate news stories

                                                                       Cont ribut ing  Phot ographers

                                                                                   Jamie Anderson
                                                                                    Cherie Beatty
       Articles  submitted  for  publication   must   be  WORD                      Chandler Clay
       documents.  Images  should be  high resolution , 300                          Andrew Hall
       dpi  whenever  possible,   and  submitted  as  jpeg  files.                   John Harbor
       Images  and  articles  are  subject  to  editing.   Submit                    Eadie Maney
       story  ideas,  articles  and  photos  to  the  Editor.    The                 Mike Moody
       club  assumes  no  liability  for  any  of  the  information                 PCA National
       or  suggestions   contained  herein.   None  of  the                
       information  is  factory  approved.   The  acceptance  of                     Porsche AG
       advertising for any product  or service does not imply                      Sharon  Stewart
       an endorsement  for that  product or service  by the                           Chris Ude
       Club, nor should one be inferred.  Copyright  2020
                                                                                     Find  us at
         Musik-St adt  PCA/ The Musik-St adt  Chapt er PCA,
                 P.O. Box 3142,  Brent wood, TN  37024

                                                                      www.musikst adt t ml
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