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Fr om t he   Dr iver 's   Seat

                                                                                           Har al d   Mel son,    Pr esident

                                     We had 32 cars and 50 people  take part in  our July 18 picnic drive to Fall
                                     Creek Falls State Park in Spencer,  Tennessee. After an  1 hour and 50 minutes
                                     of good roads and  pretty scenery, we arrived to find our reserved pavilion
                                     occupied. Thank you to all who quickly improvised,   located another pavilion,
                                     and made the best of the situation. We've got a story and some good photos
                                     of the event in this issue.

        Our next  club drive is  August 29th and takes us  to   communicate  on the fly with the membership. Last
        Gainesboro,  Tennessee.  Back from vacation, Don       month I put out a call for photos from  people who
        Wirth , our Driving and  Tours committee  chair,       let their favorite  canines ride in their cars  to send
        and  his sidekick  Dan Martin  will be leading  this    us their pictures for  this month's  article on the
        official event. Make your plans now to drive the       dog days of summer, which  includes  a video on
        back roads of Tennessee.                               how to remove dog hair from the car.  Respond you
                                                               did, but we had one dissenter , a member who felt
        Speaking of plans, I encourage everyone to
                                                               it wasn't  fair that cats weren't included in the  ask.
        consider  registering  for the Musik-Stadt Show and
        Shine to be held on  Saturday , September 19.          Our editor took a firm line  and said, " Sorry, dogs
        Your $50  registration fee  includes a $20 lunch       only, since there are no  cat days of summer."  But
        voucher, a donation to the Tennessee Children's        as we learned from  the picnic pavilion  situation in
        Home,  and the opportunity to purchase unique          Spencer, Musik-Stadt members are nothing if not
        Show and Shine T-shirts for the whole family.          determined.
        In addition to classes for all makes and models of      When we received this photo from Edie Maney of
        Porsches, there is a new  Kids to Kleen Klass (16      Mezu, her  cat,  wearing a dog mask   we had to
        and under) to start getting our Porsche juniors        wave  the white flag.  It's not just the cars, it is the
        more involved with the  club. If you have a young      people!
        person in your family that loves your  car, turn over
        the soap, microfiber towels and other secret
        cleaning products and let's see what he or she can
        do. We also have a   class  just  for first- timers,
        those that have never cleaned a car to be shown at
        a public exhibition. This is a a great opportunity to
        shine your ride and have it admired while
        gathering  tips on presentation from some of our
        veterans who have had success in car shows over
        the years.
        Musik-Stadt's strength and growth comes from
        people power and participation.  If you haven't
        already registered, please don't delay. At last years
        Concours we had approximately 70 Porsches. Let's
        see if we can top that number in 2020., especially
        as there will be an audience  at the Bierhaus..
        E-news continues to be a great way to

                                   ht t ps:/ / www.f groups/ 18710544840968
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