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cal endar

                                  schedul ed  ,    r eschedul ed  ,    Cancel ed,    &    Up   in  t he   air

                                                                   Gainesboro Drive, August 29th

                                                                             Tour Leaders :

                                                                      Don Wirth and Dan Martin


                                                          -    Meet behind the Cracker Barrel in Lebanon (I-40 exit
        11 Club Meet ing  Granit e Cit y Cafe ,
                                                              238; 635 S. Cumberland Street) at 9 a.m. for the
        Franklin, TN,  meet ing st art s 6:30 pm.                                                                REMEMBER,  No
        N.B.  Fixed price menu wit h choice of                safety meeting.                                 Drive in Sept ember
        four ent rees,  includes ent ree,                 -   MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TANK OF GAS!          because of Show
        non-alcoholic beverage, t ax,  and t ip.                                                                and Shine
                                                          -   NO ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, but
        15 Cars-n-Coffee 9-11 Bavarian Bierhaus               drivers must be PCA members. Everyone must sign
                                                              a PCA Coronavirus waiver, and PCA social distancing
        25 Show and  Shine Ent ries Close
                                                              measures will be in effect at check-in.

        29 Club drive t o Gainesboro,  TN                 -   Departure will be at 9:30 a.m.

        SEPTEMBER                                         -   The drive will cover approximately 68 miles and take
                                                              approximately 2 hours.
        8  Club Meet ing Locat ion TBA
                                                          -   There will be a pit stop.
        19 Show and Shine, Bavarian Bierhaus

        26 Show and Shine rain dat e

        Where's Wolfgang?

        We had a winner in  July. William Ray
        of Glasgow, Kent ucky was t he first  t o
        find our gnome.  He was hiding  on
        page 6 in t he wat erfall, a great  place
        t o be in t he heat  of t he summer.  Find                 Help Us Keep t he Club Informed
        Wolfgang   t his mont h  and you
                                                                  If you have phot os, st ories, DIY t ales, or
        could win t he wort hwhile  prize.
                                                                  news of ot her members , t heir comings
        Send you answer wit h  page number
                                                                 and t heir goings, please remember t o let
        t o
                                                                  t he Edit or know.  The newslet t er is only
                                                                       as good as you helo t o make it .

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