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               wit h   Cher ie   A.   Beat t y
                                              But,  instead   of  standing  around  and
                                              lamenting  the  fact  that  the  Concours
                                              was  now  homeless,   we   did  some
    John Lennon was right when he wrote " "Life    re-imagining   and determined that the   Musik -St adt   Regional
   is what happens to you while you are busy   unknowns  about  what  the  COVID                 Leadership
   making other plans" ,   part of the lyric for the   pandemic  might  yet  produce   meant
   song  Beautiful  Darling  Boy,  written   for  his    that we needed to modify our plans for    Officers
   son,  Sean.   (  Ask  Ringo  Starr   about  life   September not  cancel  completely.     Commit t ee Chairs, p.  36
   continuing to happen;  he turned 80 just the
   other  day.   How    is  that  even  possible  to   Instead of a full- blown Concours,  the      President
   contemplate , for if Ringo is that old, what does   board decided to hold  a one- year- only
   that fact say about my  own status? )      modified version of a Show and Shine,                 Harald Melson

   I remember, when I was 15,  getting my first   I'm pleased to report we have our first 
   single  of She Loves You in the post  from a   entries already in hand.                          731-234-9602
   British pen-pal .  I wrote  back  on stationery    The change has  positive aspects. The
   [pre-internet days]  to  thank her for sending
                                              new location at the Bavarian Bierhaus                Vice President
   this recording  from an unknown group [pre
   their appearance on Ed Sullivan's TV show].     parking  lot  guarantees  a  walk-by            Josh  Swayze
                                              audience to enjoy our cars as they are
   I also  told her, smugly,  that there must be a   displayed. ( Confess-- who doesn't like
   difference  between  records  in  Britain  and   to have  others admire his/her car?)
   the  USA  because,   from  the  sound  of  this
   one,   it  was  clearly   playing   on  the  wrong   We    included  for-  fun   &  education,
   speed--such  was  the  difference  in  teen    classes for Kids to Kleen as well  as for         Treasurer
   music   as  I  knew  it  in  the   '60s  and  the   First Timers;  both of these  may bring      John  Shaw
   strange  vocal   sounds  coming  from   my   new  members  to  the   "seriously  clean
   portable  player  when  I  put  the  45  on  the    fanatics'  club"  for  future  Concours.
   turntable.    I  promptly  binned  (to  use  the                                                 615-720-0574
                                              Lunch at the Bierhaus means no flies  in
   British  expression)  the  record   and  have
   wondered over the years, since,   what a first   the food ala lunch in the park,  plus  we
   edition Beatles' record would now be  worth   get  indoor  plumbing.    Lemons  meet             Secret ary
   on the  collectors'  market.               lemonade. Please come out and support
                                                                                                    Bob Cryan
                                              the  Show and Shine.
    Eventually, my ear changed to what  music
   could/should   sound  like  and  my  weary   Also  in  the  change  category,  I'm
   parents  could  stop  complaining  about  the   announcing  the  demise  of  the  digital
   "wailing"  of  Joan  Baez   and  complain,   Solid  Gold  Mini.   This  "just  the  facts
   instead,   about  the  screeching  falsettos  of   publication" was created early in 2020
   John,  George,  Paul  and  Ringo,    as  well  as    when some of our members expressed   Webmast er
   their haircuts,  their ridiculous boots,  their
                                              their  dislike for  the changes that Solid    Rick   Mat his
   collarless jackets, etc.
                                              Gold ( the too maxi in their view)  was
   This is by way of saying that what we know   undergoing.   Now,  7  months  in,  it
   of  life  and  what  we  think  is  normal  can   appears  from  feedback  that   we  have
   change rapidly. Resistance is futile. We can't
                                              made   converts to the "new" format.
   stop change -- what's important is how we
   react and interact  to and  with  it.      This means there is  no need  to create
                                              two versions of the news each month.  I
   Case in point --  we lost our Concours in the
   Park  venue  in  June  when  the  Childrens'   say hooray! (Anything that means less
   Home made the prudent decision to cancel   typing for me  is a change worth making
   all outside events for the remainder of 2020.     JMO) . Stay  flexible and be  well-- the
   The board could have said no-can-do  for our   two  actually  do  go   together.     Cherie
   own event and planned for 2021.
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