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                                                                                                                 By Mike Moody  Photos by Mike and Shirley Moody


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        First,  let me thank my lovely wife Shirley for letting me plan this road trip in search of the
        best roads out there (also known as her trip from hell!).  It wasn't  an excessively long trip ?
        only 1,300 miles covered  in 4.5 days across three  states and back in time for a drive-thru COVID-19
        test check at the Williamson Ag Center.   I observed  that North Carolina  and  Virginia  are more
        serious about the Corona  virus than  we are in Tennessee  as we had to wear a face mask to enter any
        public building [ including hotels, restaurants, gas stations]  in both of those states.
        We left Franklin on a  Monday morning in ?Ruby?, our Amaranth Red Metallic 991,  heading for the
        mountains. Our first stop was  at 129 HUB for lunch on TN-129. This is the host and start of the
        Rennsport Dragon Rally, held in the spring and fall. (I'm  making plans for this fall if anyone wants to
        join me.)

                                                                      Left: My wife, Shirley,  let  me plan  this road
                                                                                 trip and,  just  like  other Porsche
                                                                       enthusiasts,  ( you  can see one parked next
                                                                          to us ) we made a stop  for lunch at 129
                                                                         HUB, the host and  start of the Rennsport
                                                                                                   Dragon Rally.

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