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After lunch, we headed down the  Tail of the Dragon TN-129
                                                    for some nice twistys,  before turning onto the Foothills
                                                    Parkway heading toward Gatlinburg. The parkway has been
                                                    extended since we drove it years ago in our silver 996 so it
                                                    was a great way to get to our next  destination   while avoiding
                                                    all the traffic through Pigeon Forge and  Gatlinburg proper.

                                                     Our only problem was almost getting rammed by two
                                                    bears.They charged us from our left side and headed straight

                                                    toward my door without stopping. (I thought I was going to
                                                      h  us
                                                    have  to pull over and change my undies, but luckily, the car
                                                    was moving fast enough that they managed to "bearly" run

                                                    behind us.)  I  think it was  a mama bear and her  cub, as I
                                                    saw  in my rear view mirror another cub run across the road .
                              e  wit                at our favorite place, The  Cherokee Grille.  Continues on
                                                    We  got into Gatlinburg without further issues and had dinner

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         By Mike Moody  Photos by Mike and Shirley Moody

 ome  D         r

  The Bear Necessities to Know about Tennessee's Black  Bears

         There are approximately 750,000 black bears in North
         If your presence causes a bear to change its behavior,
 C   -   you're too close
         A black bear can sprint up to 35 mph. You can't outrun
         a bear, but a Porsche  can.
         Black bears are up to six feet long and three feet tall  at
         the shoulder. A female weighs about
     -   150 pounds .  Bears mate in  late  June  through July.
         The best place to see a bear is from a distance.
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