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Sol id                                                                                        November   2020

                                                                                                      Vol ume    2      Issue   11

                                                                                   gol d

                                                                                        Musik- Stadt 's     Mont hly   onl ine    Magazine

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                                                                     Lorem ipsum dolor sit  wit h t he last
                        Inside: Driving is t he focus , along
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                        sight ing  of  t he  Myst ery  Carrera  GT  ,  News  from  t he  IMS
                                           sadipscing elitr,
                        (not  t he bearing), our annual holiday food drive,  and t he
                        hist ory  behind    how  we  "got " Thanksgiving.   All  t his  plus

                        video and more  in t he November issue.
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