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                                                          And So It  Begins

                                                         " This is the  First Porsche for me - a  2006 Cayman,
                                                         blue with tan interior,  and  30k miles.

                                                         I sold a Delorean in 2019 and a  Testarossa in 2020 and
                                                         bought a reliable and fast mid-engine car that gets
                                                         stunning reviews.

                                                         I'm looking forward to PCA activities when COVID winds
                                                         down.  ( I also own 3 BMWs -88,89, 99 3 series- and a           Come live with me, and be my
                                                         2015 Fiat 500. ) "

                                                                                   New member, Prest on Quirk            And we will all the pleasures

                                                                              Sharing t he Feel -Good                 That hills and valleys, dales and

                                                                              "I bought my pre-owned 2014                                fields,
                                                                              Boxster S in the  spring of 2017 with
                                                                              only 5,800 miles on it. I?d never        Woods, or steepy mountain yields.
                                                                              owned or even driven a Porsche
                                                                                                                                         Christopher Marlowe,writing in  1599
                                                                              before. I really didn? know much
                                                                              about them; I just thought they
                                                                              looked cool. The Racing Yellow paint
                                                                              and matching gauges and console
                                                                              sold me. Since acquiring the car I?ve
                                                                              added a Fabspeed exhaust that has
                                                                              a nice snarl to it, and I?ve had the
                                                                              seats reupholstered. It?s fast and it
                                                                              corners like a slot car, but my
                                                                              favorite thing about it is the reaction
                                                                              it gets from people. Recently, a lady I
                                                                              pulled up next to me at the bank
                                                                              drive-through,  rolled down her
                                                                              window and told me, ?You car makes
                                                                              me smile!? That?s a great
                                                                              compliment. "  Don Wirt h

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