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                                                           Object s  of Our Affect ion

                                                           Quick St art  - Panamera Review
                                                           Seen at  Cars and Coffee

                                                               Article Title
    Where's Wolfgang? Found Him.  Karen                    Upcoming Event s                                           26
    Leger of Hilo, HI, who knows our newsletter from
    reading about the   PCA club operating  on the Big      Announcing  Show & Shine 2021                             34
    Island, was the first person to find Wolfgang in
    January. He  was  on p. 16/17 in the back window of a
    Subaru SUV  in traffic in the Smokies.                 Then There Were Three                                      36

    Find our Gnome this month and win the worthwhile
                                                           Taycan 4S Breaks Record                                    43
    prize.  Send your answer with your  name and page #
                                                           Just  a Lit t le Drip                                      46

                                                           Track Rat s and  much more inside                          49

     A "couple" of Porsches-- it's a perfect cover for our
                                                              On Our Cover x tO                                        39
    February issue, which is all about  drivers and their
    affairs  of  the  heart.    Behind  the  camera  was  our                                  departmens
    new  club Drive/Tour  Coordinator, Justis Kivari.
    In  the  foreground    is  a  1991  911  (964)  Carrera  2,                               Driver's  Seat         6
    midnight  blue,  manual,with  satin  interior,  sport
    seats  and  LSD.  Its  modifications  include  RSA
                                                                                              Membership            45
    mounts, coilovers, CCW wheels and soon to include
    exhaust,  shifter  and  swaybar  upgrades.  In  the
    background  is a 2013 911 (991) Carrera S, PDK with                                       Meeting Minutes       28
    sportschrono,  Burmeister  sound,  sports  exhaust,
    and black interior. What 's not  t o love?                                                Finances              24

   Our Feat ured Advert iser for February                                                     Dealer Liaison        32

                                                              Oops!  In our January issue  J. Neiland Pennington's
                                                              last name was omitted  from his byline  in the  Driving
                                                              the  Cherohala Highway story.

   Article Title                                           39  Article Title                                           39
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