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From t he Driver 's Seat  wit h Harald Melson, President

                                             activities  come  from?   A  quick     20th.  The club will provide drinks.
                                             look    at   this  issue  gives
                                                                                    April 10th  brings a special edition
                                             options  in February for both  a
                                                                                    Cars  and  Coffee  at  Snug  Harbor
                                             Tech  Session  and  a  Chili
                                                                                    Farm  in  Unionville,  Tennessee.
                                             Cook-off.  March  brings  us  the
                                                                                    We're having a Rabbit Run & Bunny
                                             last of our Polar Bear Club Cars
                                                                                    Roll  that  includes  games,  prizes,
                                             &  Coffee  gatherings  at  Pies  By
                                                                                    and  a  very  high   tea  for  nibbles.
                                             Gigi  in  Brentwood.  Organized
                                                                                    Then    on April 24th, along comes
                                             by  Don  Gamble  and  the  social
                                                                                    our Show And Shine  2021 event. It's
                                             committee  these  gatherings
    Above:  A  check  for  $3,000  was       have  been  successful  and            evaluated  with  input from judges
    presented  to  the  Nashville  Rescue                                           to get you started in  preparing to
    Mission  as   part  of  our  annual  food   brought out not only new faces      present   your  cars  for  our  annual
    drive. Thanks to all who supported the   but  also  new  cars.   They
    drive.   L-R:  Harald  Melson,  outgoing                                        Concours.  Put  April  24th   at  the
    VP, Josh Swayze and incoming VP Bob      resume  in  May  at  a  new            Bavarian     Bierhaus     on     the
    Cryan.                                   location. Watch for it.
                                                                                    calendar.   Registration  starts  in
    Check  out  our  February  issue.        Also  in  March  comes  our  First     March.  Our first official tour of the
    Where  did  all  these  great  red  cars   Day of Spring self -catering picnic   year also takes place in April. Watch
    come  from?  In  a  world  where         at  Henry  Horton  Park  near          for the announcement.
    there's  lots  of  black,   silver,   gray   Chapel  Hill.  There's  a  pie  and
                                                                                    We're  planning  all  of   our   events
    and  white,  February  is  the  month    cake cont est  associat ed wit h
                                                                                    with  due  respect  for  pandemic
    we  celebrate  all  of  our  members     t his, so if you don't enter there
                                                                                    restrictions  while  focusing  on
    and  some  who  like  to  drive  in      won't be any dessert!  This is a
                                                                                    camaraderie  and   the  Porsche
    technicolor.   Meet some of them in      rain or shine event, with a great
                                                                                    marque--the one thing we all know
    Objects of Our Affection.                outdoor,  but  covered,  pavilion
                                                                                    we love.  It's  not just the cars, it's
    The  next  question   this  month  is    and  a  giant  fire  place.   Let's    the people.
    where did all these great upcoming       have a great turnout on March
                                                                                    Har al d
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