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Edit or/Edit orial                           6                came to the podium and said, ?I?m sorry
                                                                               if  there  is  confusion.  We  have  a
                 When Time is t he Essence
                                                                               reservation  for  the  Porsche  club  on
                 By Cherie Beat t y                                            January 12th.  Today is the 5th.??
                                                                               Of course, he had a reservation for the
    You?ve heard the expression, ?let?s    restaurant follows  all the CDC     12th, because that?s when our meetings
   get this show on the road??   After     guidelines,            checking     are held, on the second Tuesday of each
   the  past  12  months,  when  many      temperatures  and  mandating        month. I, however, in my rush to get the
   activities   were  derailed and more    masks,  and 4) noting   the fact    show  on  the  road,  had  arrived  on
   than  a  few  roads  were  blocked,     that  the  first  meeting  of  the   January 5th, early, not only for the start
   there?s  a  new  sense  of  energy  in   year  was  being  held   in  a     time,  but  even  earlier  for  the  actual
   place,  a  sense  that  when we  plan   location     out      of     the    meeting date. In my far more than half
   something  this  year  it  could        Franklin/Brentwood      corridor    a century on the planet, I?ve never in my
   actually   take  place.   I  confess,   meant    reduced  attendance        life  been  a  week  early  for  an  event  .
   while  being  by  nature   dour,  I  am   was likely.                       ?There?s  a  first  time  for  everything?
   not immune to optimism.                                                     appears  to  be  a  literal    truism  not
                                           I  walked  through  BJ?s  door,
                                                                               simply  a  figurative  statement  intended
   This is how I came to find myself in    confident  in  my  mission.  The
                                                                               to illustrate a point.
   January   at  BJ?s  Restaurant  and     hostess asked if she could help
   Brewhouse in Murfreesboro  ready        me.                                 ?Of  course,"  I  said,  (trying  not  to  be
   for the first club meeting, followed                                        mortified)   ?today  is  January  5th.  I?m
                                           ?I?m  here,  ?I  said,  ?for  the
   by  the  first  board  meeting,   of                                        supposed  to  be  here  on  the  12th.  You
                                           Porsche  club  meeting.  Would
   2021.                                                                       wouldn? have room for one for dinner,
                                           you  direct  me  to  the  meeting
                                                                               would you??
   I  got  the directions, headed  out  a   room??
   little  early  just  to  allow  for  traffic,                               The  food  was  good.   On  my  way  out  ,
                                           She  looked  at  me,  looked  at
   and  getting  lost? it  happens.  I                                         the staff wished me a pleasant evening
                                           her screen, and then looked at
   arrived at 5:45 pm, checked that I                                          and thanked me for coming.  They were
                                           me askance.
   had my flyers for the Chili Cook-off                                        polite enough to keep any conversation
   to  pass  out,  my  papers  for  the    ?Do  you  have  a  reservation??    about ?senior moments? to themselves.
   board     meeting     were    neatly    she asked politely.
                                                                               I don? make New Year?s resolutions, but
   attached  to  a  paper  clip,  a  note    ?We do, ?I replied.               my unnecessary trip to the ?Boro drove
   pad for taking down action items,                                           home the point about mindfulness.  As
                                           She  looked  at  her  list  on  the
   two  pens,  both  with  new  refills,                                       I'm  always  telling  everyone,  read  the
                                           screen.  ?Is  your  name  Julia
   were  all  in  my  possession.  I  was                                      newsletter  to  keep  track  of  events.   It
                                           Maderio?? she asked.
                                                                               would've   helped  if I'd  actually  looked
                                           ?No,?  I  said,  ?the  reservation
   I  noticed  in  passing   that  there                                       at that  little block on the calendar that
                                           would  probably  be  in  the
   didn? seem to be Porsches in the                                            showed  the  date  before  grabbing  my
                                           name of Bob Cryan or possibly
   lot  but  wrote  that  off  to   1).  my                                    car keys.
   compulsion  about  always  being
                                                                               Therefore, as  a PSA: Valentine's Day is
   early 2) knowing that   temps were        ?Let  me  get  a  manager,?  she
                                                                               February  the   14th.  Make  plans  and
   too cold for summer tires to be out     said, and scampered away.
                                                                               order  flowers  early;  then,  learn   from
   on  the  highway  meant  that
                                           I stood there, mentally tapping     my mistake.  Arrive on the correct day.
   alternate  cars  might  be  in  play.
                                           my foot, thinking this was not      This will make for a better evening.
   Hadn?  I  driven  my  370Z  with  its
                                           an auspicious beginning to the
   all-weather  tires  with  just  that                                        P.S. When I showed up on the 12th, the
                                           first  meeting  of  the  year.
   thought  in  mind?   3).  recognizing                                       manager  caught  my  eye.  "Good  to see
                                           Shortly,  a  very  nice  young
   that     some      members       are                                        you,  again.  Welcome  back."   Of  course
                                           man,  known  as  the  manager,
   cautious,  understandably,   about                                          he'd be  one  with  a good memory for
                                           accompanied  by  the  hostess,
   indoor    dining,    even    if   the                                       faces, even masked faces.  ##
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