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               Our Affection

                                                               Classc-New,-or I n-beween-/ 2 door or 4,  turbo or naturaly asprated--- BHere's Why They Love Them
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  Pict ure Perfect - Shared Herit age                     "For me, our 91 964 Carrera 2 ( foreground)  was the last
                                                          of the  "classic" look 911s. The 993, although a beautiful
                                                          car was a very different car then the outgoing 964. Our
                                                          991.1 Carrera S is also the last of its breed.
                                                          Now everything is boosted, which is a great evolutionary
                                                          step, but it is a chapter change much like the 964 to to
                                                          the  993 was-- similar, yet different.

                                                          I drive both my cars  a lot. Although they are very ,very
                                                          different cars, I can feel, see and experience the shared
                                                          While they  share the same pragmatic purpose of hauling
                                                          us around  on another level they have different
                                                          emotional appeals,  which can be more difficult to define.
                                                          The 964 is a manual and I feel like I've done something
                                                          when driving it hard. I enjoy autocrossing the 964, again
                                                          because I feel skilled when running quickly.

                                                          The 991 is a PDK and feels as though anyone can drive it
                                                          well. There's no doubt, though ,  that  in my opinion the
  Above:  Stephanie Kivari and her daughter Stella
                                                          991 is the  spiritual successor to the 964 based on back
  made time to  pick flowers while  on a two car
                                                          -to- back driving experience."
  outing.  Husband and father  Justis saved  the
  moment  by taking this  photo,                                                                       Just is Kivari

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