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 Classc-New,-or I n-beween-/ 2 door or 4,  turbo or naturaly asprated--- BHere's Why They Love Them
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                                                         Low Mileage Heart  Throb

                                                         "I purchased this 2001 996 Turbo in May 2014.  when I
                                                         saw the car, it was love at first sight and I knew I had to
                                                         have it.  At the time, this was my fourth 911 and fifth
                                                         Porsche.  Other than the aesthetic attraction, this was also
                                                         a 13-year-old car with 24K original miles!
                                                         The previous owner was not shy about  investing  in the
                                                         car, which certainly worked to my advantage with the
                                                         following upgrades: K24 Turbos, Moton Coilovers,
                                                         Fabspeed Headers and Exhaust, GIAC tune, to name a

                                                         I recently sold this car to acquire  my dream car, a 997
                                                         GT3, but this Turbo will always be one of my favorites, as
                                                         well as the fastest car I have ever driven!

                                                                                                      Don Gamble,

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