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Hel l o, Hot

                                                                                   St uf f !

        Rules for Chili Cook-Off:
                                                                            Febr uary is for

        1. Chili must be home-made and can  be with or
        without beans (no store/restaurant purchases                                   Lover s
                                                                             (Chil i Lover s t hat  is)
        2. Chili must be on site and ready to serve  by
        3:00 pm  on 2/  20  /21 At PON.
                                                                               Musik-Stadt's Social
        3. Chili must be presented  in either a crock pot
                                                                            Committee Announces
        or a heavy metal pot

        4. Chili must serve at least 12                                       Its first Chili Cook-Off

        5.  Chili must not "melt" taste buds  (or an
                                                                                February 20,  2021
        ambulance needs to be on stand- by at the  entrant's
        expense if he/she  decides to kill off the                          at Porsche of Nashville
        6. Clearly label chili as mild, medium, spicy or
        flaming!!  If t he chili cont ains allergens like                     Email and Sign up  at
        wheat  or peanut s, a card must  accompany t he
        pot  large enough t o warn t hose who might               
        unknowingly consume it .
                                                                            from  February 6-10th ,
        7.  No names or sneaky identifications  on the
        pots--this is a blind tasting!                                           to enter your chili

        8. Everyone in attendance will get a taste and
        vote by number for his/her  favorite   chili. One
        vote per member. Grand Prize and runner-up

        9. While this is a friendly competition, chili
        cook-offs are dead serious endeavors.  ( Cooks,
        want to share your recipe? Please have printed                                                                                New Members
        copies available  for those who want them. )                                                                          Sammy Poori, 2015 918 Spyder

        10. Doors Open for Tasters at 3:15 PM.                                                                                   Cameron Plato, 1986 944

                      ( There may be surprises!)

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