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Driver 's Seat

     Yes, we'll  st ill  be wearing masks and requiring PCA COVID  waivers for a bit  , but  2020 has been officially
                                Kicked t o t he Curb and  We're Moving Forward int o 2021
   By   Harald Melson, President
                                         help fill their shelves.  This was in addition to  what we collected in both
                                         items and personal checks for perishables. If you gave to the drive , thank
         Let's      start       with
   congratulations.     Our     club
                                         We will have our first club meeting  on January 12th at BJs Restaurant  and
   treasurer,  John  Shaw,   married
                                         Brewhouse  in  nearby  M'boro.  Our  new  vice-president,  Bob  Cryan,
   his new bride, Jo, in an intimate
                                         inherited the job  of  finding places for the club to meet, where the space is
   ceremony  in  Highland,  NC  just
                                         safe, the food is good, the prices are reasonable, parking is available, and,
   before  Christmas.   May  they
                                         on  occasion,   club  members  from  other  locations  than  the
   travel  life's  highway  in  John's
                                         Brentwood/Franklin corridor  can attend more easily.  Happy Hunting, Bob,
   997 happily together. Be sure to
                                         it looks like this is a good start.   See page 18 for more informat ion.
   offer  them  your  good  wishes
   when  you  see  them  at  our         Our  winter  Cars  and  Coffee  has  turned  out  to  be  a  real  hit.  Join  us  on
   events.                               January 9th at Pies by Gigi for the first one of the new year and pick up
                                         your jackets from the Harmon Group if you ordered them.
   And,  did  you  see  the  great
   photo    of    our   new     tour     Our Social Committee is making plans for a first ever event, a Chili Cook-off
   coordinator      Justis   Kivari's    scheduled for February 20th  at Porsche of Nashville. Rules and Complete
   classic  911   in  front  of  the     Det ails are on p. 10.   Who doesn't like  chili in cold weather?
   Columbia Christmas tree in the
                                         It's true,  we still aren't out of the COVID woods but your board is moving
   December  issue  of  Panorama?
                                         forward with plans  to  have  a safe and successful year.  Thre are ideas for
   We've  been  getting  more  and
                                         new opportunities that we hope will increase participation  as we expand
   more  exposure  in  the  national
                                         the  scope of our activities.
   magazine  so  keep  those  great
   photos coming.                        I'm honored to be back for a second  term as your president.  Please let
                                         me hear from you  with any  suggestions for club activities.
   Under  Old  business  from
   2020.  The  results  from  our        Remember   to  keep   informed   by  reading  our  updated   newsletter,
   annual     food    drive    were      checking   our Facebook page, and taking  a look at our webpage, which is
   disappointing.  We  augmented         getting a 2021 makeover and is now in preview mode.   Breaking news is
   the   quantities  of  food  we  did   covered by Enews blasts.
   receive   by   making  a  club         It's going to be a good year.  I can feel it and hope you feel it, too.  Harald
   donation  of  $2,000  to  the
   Nashville  Rescue  Mission  to                           It's not just the cars, it's the people.

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