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Made in Tennessee ,

                                                                                                 Ot her first s
       In the first month of a new year,,
     here's a look  back  at products  born                                                  1. The first  free public
               in  Tennessee,.                                                                  library in t he Sout h is
    -   1886-      Memphis-George
                                                                                                east ablished in Rugby,
        Andersen  coined  the  term                                                             TN
        typewriter  and  patented                                                            2. Knoxville     gives   t he
        the ink  ribbon                                                                         world Mount ain Dew, a
    -   1896-Pottsburg-       Lodge                                                             green  soda  originally
        Manufacturing              is                                                           int ended  as  a  whiskey
        established, known for cast                                                             mixer
        iron  skillets,  the  company                                                        3. Kingsport     gives   t he
        is  one  of  the  oldest                                                                world     Super     Glue,
        cookware companies in the                                                               court esy  of  East man
        US                                                                                      Chemical Company
    -   1897-Nashville-  gave  the                                                           4. 1899-  Chat t anooga  is
        country  cotton  candy  and                                                             t he   first    franchised
        called  it  "fairy  floss"  which                                                       bot t ler  of  Coke,  t wo
        then  debuted  in  1904  at                                                             lawyers  having  paid   a
        the St. Louis World's Fair                                                              $1.00  franchise  fee  t o
    -   1912-Nashville-makes  the                                                               nearby Georgia.
        first  combination  candy                                                            5. Oak Ridge gives us t he
        bar- the Goo Goo Cluster                                                                bomb  and  also,  lat er,
    -   1916-Memphis-  the  first                                                               Elographics          Inc.,
        self-service  grocery  story                                                            becomes  influent ial  in
        appears  and  is  named                                                                 t he invent ion of  t ouch
        Piggly Wiggly                                                                           screens
    -   1917-Chattanooga- the first                                                          6. The               largest
        Moon      Pie    is   made,                                                             underground  lake  in
        intended  for  local  coal                                                              t he  US,   t he  13  acre
        miners   with   a  desire  for                                                          Lost   Sea,  is  found   in
        something  sweet  to  eat  in                                                           Sweet wat er, TN
        the mines                                                                            7. The  home  of  count ry
    -   1927-Chattanooga-         1st                                                           music  is,  wait   for  it ,
        miniature     golf    course                                                            recognized  as  Brist ol,
        appears,      called    Tom                                                             Tennessee.
        Thumb Golf                                                                           8. Lynchburg  and  Jack
    -   1932-  Chattanooga,  the                                                                Daniel  debut  old No. 7
        first  Krystal  is  sold   in  a                                                     9. 1878-  Hat t ie  Carrawy
        10'x25'  restaurant  of  the                                                            of           Bakersville,
        same  name.  First  order                                                               becomes        t he    1st
        was 6 burgers and a cup of                                                              female  Unit ed  St at es
        coffee                                                                                  Senat or
    -   1934-Chattanooga-                                                                    10. In  TN,  August   23,  1991
        McKee's  Foods  introduces                                                              t he    first    webpage
        the product  of an  idea of                                                             made         public      ,
        a Tennessee  businessman,                                                               Int ernaut  Day
        Little Debbie Snack Cakes.
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